What Is Hand Analysis?

Jo Hayden

Hand Intelligence

Hand analysis is an evidence and scientific based system relating to fingerprints, markings and lines on the hands. It has been designed to give you insight into the motivators and triggers that make you who you really are. This is a deep sea dive into your psyche and soul.

By analysing the lines of your hands you will have the key to finally unlocking your purpose on this planet and finally find your place in this world.  Refer back to the reading at any time with your private recording if you are feeling lost, have had your confidence shaken or needing to align again with who you really are.

With your fingerprint combination, we can also discover your greatest individual challenge (some of us have brought through a bucket load of them) and how you can best work around them.  By knowing all of these different things you can begin to walk in your truth and find peace in who you are - no longer feeling like you need to change these parts of you that are soul deep.

The Creation of Hand Intelligence

Hand Intelligence was created 5 years ago when after my already 24 years of studying Palmistry, I spent a weekend discovering the scientific art of Hand Analysis.  This lit a burning passion that saw me graduate two years later from an intensive year long course with Kay Packard from the American Academy of Hand Analysis.

I have always been fascinated by the information that our hands hold having been reading them for 29 years.  The fingerprints are the identifiers to your souls purpose for being on this planet.  In them we can find the life you were meant to lead and your natural gifts that maybe you are too scared to show or that are currently hidden from the world.  I have not seen a pair of hands that I am not fascinated by what I saw.

If you are feeling lost and lacking direction on your life journey a Hand Intelligence Reading is for you 😀Jo has a comprehensive knowledge of this area of chiromancy and, combined with her psychic talents, will shine a light on your soul purpose and life path.  

I highly recommend a session with Jo who delivers her reading in a compassionate and understanding manner. I was particularly surprised about the high degree of accuracy especially in some of the more detailed aspects of the reading. 

If you are at some sort of crossroads in life, and unsure of the way forward, I recommend Hand Intelligence as a tool for both personal and career development. 

Anne Berry


We can do your Hand Analysis session no matter where you are in the world.  We simply mail your kit to you with instructions on how to take your handprint correctly.  Then it is as simple as scanning it in and emailing it to us prior to your session.  We then do you actual session via Zoom.

We also do face-to-face sessions from our in-home studio. 

Address Available After Booking...

Kanimbla, Cairns